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Karolina Zdzitowiecka
(Jul 26, 2011)
MassGIS geospatial web mapping services API - open services available to the public as well as government users.  These include both ESRI ArcGIS Server API and OpenGeospatial Consortium (OGC) standard WMS (web map service), WFS (web feature service), and WCS (web coverage service) services and geocoding (address matching). This site contains information on accessing, using and developing against MassGIS-maintained services.  Currently over 1,000 datalayers and tables are available, from landuse and zoning to wetlands and aerial photography.  Get maps or information in response to queries (in URL or XML format) in a variety of output formats and almost 4,000 different map projections.  Over a dozen state agencies have written applications against these services which currently respond to 100,000 requests/day.