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Looking for CommonWiki Support?

CommonWiki is now an officially-supported ITD service. If you need assistance, please open a Service Request in COMiT or contact CommonHelp to submit one on your behalf at 1(866)888-2808. Be sure to check our Known Issues and Frequently Asked Questions pages before submitting your request, as your question may have already been addressed there.

Previously Answered Questions

How do I set which day of the week the Calendar macro starts on (month view)?

To change the day of the week the month view of the calendar starts on, add the "firstDay" parameter.



Can you add a form to collect information from Wiki users?

The Scaffolding plugin may be what you're looking for. It depends on what you're trying to do with the data. Several commercial plugins also exist. Have a look at (under Confluence) and see if anything there appears to fit your needs.

How do you remove an attachment to a page (aka delete the attachment)?

View the list of attachments on the page by clicking the paperclip icon in the upper left corner of the page. If you have the appropriate permissions (determined by your wiki space's administrator), you should see a link to remove the attachment, similar to the following:

If you do not see the Remove link, you'll need to ask your wiki space's administrator to either grant you that right or delete the attachment for you. If you aren't sure who your space's administrator is, send an email to and we will find out for you.

When I use the wiki with the Opera browser, I do not get the "Rich Text" WYSIWYG option. I know this isn't a common browser in the Commonwealth, but it doesn't make sense that it works in Firefox and IE but not Opera. Is the wiki using some strange, non-standard code for this?

The Rich Text Editor (RTE) verifies that your browser is one of the supported ones. Unfortunately, Opera and Google Chrome are not tested/supported to work with the RTE. That said, there are workarounds where you can force your browser to report that it is IE or FireFox to get past the browser test, but you'd be doing that with no guarantee that your browser is capable of supporting all of the RTE's functionality.

What is the syntax for creating a link to a file that is attached to another wiki page?

(Current workaround: using fully qualified URL, but where's the fun it that?)

For instructions on linking to a document in another space, refer to this page of the Confluence documentation. Essentially you just need to supply the page name, a carot (^) and the name of the attachment:
You can link to any attachment on your Confluence site using the following syntax:

Attached to another page in the same space:

Attached to another page in another space:

Can we provide tags/labels for Attachments?

The wiki doesn't support labels for attachments. I suspect the reasoning for that is because it was never really designed as a document management system. The best way to work around this is to ensure that any page on which you've attached a document has the labels relating to that content. This naturally makes the assumption that the attached document is somehow related to the content of the page on which it is attached. The good news is that this feature request has been made with Atlassian and you can feel free to vote for it and watch it for updates:

When I use the wiki with the Opera browser, I do not get the "Rich Text" WYSIWYG option. I know this isn't a common browser in the Commonwealth, but it doesn't make sense that it works in Firefox and IE but not Opera. Is the wiki using some strange, non-standard code for this?

How do I embed a Google map on my wiki page?

There is a plugin available for this that has been installed on CommonWiki. Please refer to an Atlassian documentation: to find some examples.

For example, the following in wiki markup:

Will display the following on the page:

Unknown macro: {gmap}


How do I delete a page or news item?

While you're viewing the item you'd like to delete, select Tools -> remove. If you do not see a "remove" option on the page's Tools menu, it's likely that you do not have the necessary privileges to delete the item. Consult the administrator for the space for assistance.

Is it possible to create a page without left or right navigation, that spans the full width of the window?

Unfortunately, not at this time. Templates and Page layouts are consistent across all pages within a given space and cannot be changed.

Is there a template that allows this page layout for a space?

Actually, the layout used by most CommonWiki sites is a modified version of the default template. If desired, the navigation bar can be removed space-wide by reverting to the default layout. If you'd like to remove the TreeNavigation page from your space, let us know and we will remove it from your space layout. At this time, only System Administrators can modify Space layouts.

Indented bullets glitchy?

When I double indent a bullet, WYSIWYG turns it into the quotation format (italicized with blue vertical bar to left of para.). I attempted to accomplish same result via wikimarkup (two asterisks); this produced a double bullet, not a single bullet, double indented. (And why does that happen??? That seemed to happen a lot in mediawiki too, though inconsistently!!!) THEN I went back to WYSIWYG, clicked outdent, then reclicked indent, and achieved desired result, at least in WYSIWYG view; when I previewed, it was back to the double bullet thing that resulted from wikimarkup. Seems very inconsistent and glitchy. Could've sworn this used to work, 1, 2 and 3 indents in. See:

Blank lines in between list item levels can interfere with the way lists display. For example, the following in wiki markup:

Will cause the bullet to double:

  • Item 1
    • Sub-item 1

If you don't have any space between the items, the list will render correctly. For example:

Renders as

  • Item 1
    • Sub-item 1

The double-bullet issue can also crop up in automatically-generated table of contents lists (When you use the {toc} macro) if you have heading tags with no heading content.


How do you create a group and add individuals so that you can give multiple people access to a page at the same time?

We are working right now on a series of plugins that will allow for this functionality but at present time you must add users individually to a page.

How Does CommonWiki Support 2 Users editing at the Same Time?

Sometimes, two or more people may edit a page at the same time. When this happens, CommonWiki will do its best to ensure that nobody's changes are lost.

How will I know if someone else is editing the same page as I am?

If another user is editing the same page as you, CommonWiki will display a message above your edit screen letting you know who the other user is and when the last edit was made.

Screenshot: Notification of Simultaneous Page Editing

What happens if two of us are editing the same page and the other user saves before I do?

If someone else has saved the page before you, when you click 'Save', CommonWiki will check if there are any conflicts between your changes and theirs. If there are no conflicting changes, CommonWiki will merge both the edits successfully. If there are any conflicts, CommonWiki will display them for you and give you the option to either 'Overwrite' the other user's changes, 'Merge your changes' manually, or 'Discard' them.

Screenshot: Notification of Page Editing Conflict

Example Scenario

For example, Alice and Bob both edit the same page at the same time.
If Alice clicks save before Bob, Bob is now effectively editing an out-of-date version of the page. When Bob clicks save, CommonWiki will examine his changes to see if any overlap with Alice's. If the changes do not overlap (i.e. Alice and Bob edited different parts of the page), Bob's changes will be merged with Alice's automatically.
If Bob's changes overlap with Alice's, CommonWiki will display an error message to Bob showing where Alice has changed the page, and giving Bob the options to overwrite Alice's changes with his own, to re-edit the document to incorporate Alice's work, or to cancel his own changes entirely.

I'm getting too much email from the wiki. How can I unsubscribe from update notifications?

If you'd like to stop receiving update notifications, you can uncheck the daily digest button here:

To stop receiving notification when a page or space you're watching changes, simply click the envelope icons on this page to remove the watches:

Why can't someone edit a page after I've given them edit permission?

I would like to give a colleague the ability to edit pages within the space I manage, but when I add her to the list of users with edit permission on a page, she's still unable to edit. What do I need to do? -Anonymous

You'll need to make sure she has the Page "Create" permission in your space. Permissions at the page level further restrict permissions granted at the space level.

There are two ways to give her this permission (you must be the space administrator):

  1. As an individual: You can add her username to the Space Permissions.
  2. By Group: If she's in a group that you've given permission to in your space, you can grant her group the Page "Create" permission so all of her group's members can edit.

    What's the attachment size limit?

    The maximum size for attachments in CommonWiki is 10 Mb.

How do I set column width in tables?

Table formatting in the wiki is extremely limited, unfortunately. The only way to lock down the width of the columns is to construct your table in a completely different way, using the section and column macros. The standard wiki markup for a table doesn't offer that level of control. You would need to use what Atlassian calls type 2 tables, instead of the standard wiki markup tables. These aren't really tables at all, but content columns.
Here is what you need to type:

{section:border=true} {column:width=30%} Text for this column goes here. This is the smaller column with a width of only 30%. {column} {column:width=70%} Text for this column goes here. This is the larger column with a width of 70%. {column} {section}

Here is what you will get:

Text for this column goes here. This is the smaller column with a width of only 30%.

Text for this column goes here. This is the larger column with a width of 70%.

Here's the documentation:

Are templates designed using HTML?

HTML is not used to design Wiki pages and templates. Confluence uses a language called Wiki Markup, which is based on Textile. If you click on this link you will get an overview of what Textile does. There is also a section in the Confluence Documentation 2.10 that you may find helpful. It explains how to add a template and it shows you some examples of Confluence Markup and how it would look using HTML. You need to be a space administrator to create a space template.

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  1. Hello:

    I'm looking to view (just view, for now) the "EOHED Secretariat IT Consolidation Planning", but currently it states that I haven't permission to do so.  Could you please advise??

    Enrique Perez, EOHED

    1. Hi Enrique,

      It appears that you have two user accounts: enrique.perez and eperez. Your eperez account has access to edit the IT Consolidation space, however the page you are trying to view has a viewing restriction as well. Please contact Claudia Boldman or Hunter Jones to obtain view access to "EOHED Secretariat IT Consolidation Planning"


  2. How do I create and add individuals to a group?

    1. Looks like we never replied to your question! Here is the answer....better late then never! If you would like to add/remove a group and/or assign a user to a group (or remove a user), you need to send a request to confluence administrator. At this time only confluence administrators are able to add or remove groups and assign users to groups in order to determine their permissions.

  3. How can I export the comments on a page to save for record keeping purposes?

    1. There is no function in confluence to only export comments. However, confluence allows you to export multiple pages or/and an entire space to html, pdf or xml output format. This option will allow you to include comments in your export. To do an export, you will need to have an 'export space' permissions which is assigned by a space administrator. If you do not have permissions to export a space, please contact your space administrator.
      To do a space/multiple pages export:
      1.Go to: Browse > Advanced
      2.Click 'Export Space' under Export (in the left hand panel)
      3.Select the appropriate options, check the box 'Include Comments' and click 'Export'

      For more information, how to do a space export, please visit the confluence documentation:

  4. I am attempting to display a word document using the viewfile macro; however I am getting the following error:


     viewfile: java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException

    Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue?

    1. Jamila, This looks like a known bug. I'd look at formating of the word file to see if it has formatting that is confusing Confluence. If you send me a link to the page and attachment I'll give it a try!