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PDU Reporting

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PDU Reporting Instructions


PDU Reporting 

General PDU Reporting

Step by Step PMI PDU Reporting Instructions

PDU Supporting Material


Session Date

PDU Reporting

 25th PM ConnectNovember 15th, 2018
 24th PM ConnectJune 13th,2018
 23rd PM Connect Sep 21st, 2017
22nd PM ConnectApril 06th, 2017
 21st PM ConnectNovember 17th 2016
 20th PM Connect July 28, 2016
  19th PM Connect April 14th, 2016  
 18th PM Connect December 10, 2015  
 17th PM Connect September 17, 2015
 16th PM Connect  June 11, 2015
 15th PM Connect March 26, 2015 
 14th PM Connect November 6, 2014  
 13th PM Connect June 26, 2014  
 12th PM ConnectMarch 25, 2014 
 11th PM Connect November 7th 2013
 10th PM Connect June 20th 2013 
9th PM ConnectFebruary 28th 2013 
8th PM Connect

December 13th 2012

7th PM Connect

September 20th 2012

6th PM Connect

June 21st 2012

5th PM Connect

March 15th 2012

4th PM Connect

December 15th 2011

3rd PM Connect

September 14th 2011

2nd PM Connect

June 15th 2011

1st PM Connect Kickoff

March 23rd 2011


SEU Reporting 

Step by Step Scrum Educational Units (SEUs) Reporting Instructions



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