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Page Under Construction 

The instructions in this Tutorial are currently being updated to reflect the latest version of Confluence 5.0. If you need help getting started with Confluence, you can go directly to the Confluence 5.0 User Guide for assistance.

Creating a news item (blog post)

Now you will create a news item in your new space.

(tick) Hint: Perform these instructions in the new browser window which you opened previously. (See Creating a space).

  1. Under the 'Add' menu, select 'News'.
  2. A new, blank news item appears.
  3. Click in the box near the top of the screen, where the words 'New News' appear. The words 'New News' will disappear. Type a title for your news item (e.g. 'Latest update').
  4. Click in the large 'Rich Text' area, below the symbols 'B I U'. Type several sentences.

    (tick) Below the 'Rich Text' area are the page's Labels and Posting Day (which defaults to today). You don't need to change anything at this time.
  5. Click the 'Save' button.
  6. You can now see your newly created news item.

What is a news item?
Confluence news items are special pages found in the 'news' section of each space. They can be announcements, journal entries, status reports or any other timely information you would categorise as news. News items are also known as 'blog posts'.
For more information about working with news, please see the documentation.

Congratulations, you have finished the Tutorial! Next, you may like to read some of the advanced topics or take a look at our other documentation.

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