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  • Review all content added/modified in a space to ensure consistency and to verify that nothing unexpected has been entered
  • Enforce content-neutral restrictions to content by restricting and removing any content that is obscene, threatening, discriminatory, harassing, or off topic.
  • Review and remove content that infringes a third party's copyright and if necessary, contact their legal counsel if they have specific content questions.
  • Establish and maintain permission scheme for the space
  • Perform overall Space maintenance
  • Format content as appropriate
  • Re-order pages if needed
  • Answer Space and Content questions
  • Encouraged to join the Collaboration Advisory Board

Being a Space Administrator carries a responsibility to ensure that only appropriate content is posted to the wiki. While the CommonWiki is designed to be a collaboration environment for groups of people to work together on common tasks, the Space Administrator must frequently review the content that is added and/or modified and properly classify it. Confluence does provide different functionalities which allow CommonWiki users to keep track of any changes that are made to a page and to the entire space. These functionalities include watching a space, watching a page and subscribing to daily email reports. For more information about these functionalities please visit Confluence's Tracking Updates Overview.