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It is possible to plot points on a map for MA municipalities.

1. Download and install the free open source QGIS desktop GIS software.

2. Create a CSV file with your data in columns named like this:

Create it in Excel and save as .csv format.

3. Add the MMQGIS plugin and OpenLayers plugin to QGIS by going to the Plugins menu, and choosing "Manage and Install Plugins".

4. Click the check box next to "mmqgis" and also "OpenLayers Plugin".

5. A new menu now exists.  Go to the "MMQIS" menu, and choose "Geocode" then "Geocode CSV with Google/OpenStreetMap".

6. Browse to your CSV.  Make sure the City field lists the column named "City" and so on.  Since we do not have addresses for this example, ignore address.

Choose either the Google or OpenStreetMap web service to perform the geocoding work. Unlike Google, OpenStreetMap has no limit to the number of addresses you can geocode/day.

A shapefile will be created as output, in the Mercator projection (4326).

7.  3 dots have been created.  To see them on top of a map, add the a basemap such as OpenStreetMap:


8.  Click and drag the points layer up above the OpenStreetMap layer.