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Geocoding Wikipedia definition is the process of taking a street address and converting it to a point on the map. There are several ways to do this using MassGIS web mapping services APIs.

*NOTE: The MassGIS online geocoding services are intended to be used for on-the-fly addresses. If your application has the user type in the address and you don't know it ahead of time, geocode it here. If you have a set (thousands for example) of addresses already in hand, please do not send them to these services without checking with us first. Your pile of addresses can usually be faster and more accurately geocoded using desktop GIS geocoding software. These online geocoding services are shared by many users and applications and need to remain available for all users. Excessive use of geocoding services will be investigated and if the traffic cannot be managed heavy users may need to be excluded.*

ESRI ArcGIS Server using road linear geocoding

GeoServer query against parcel data that contains an address for each parcel polygon

Non-MassGIS Services

   Using QGIS

      Plotting Addresses with QGIS

      Plotting Cities with QGIS

   If you need to make a map with less than 1,000 items we also recommend Google Fusion Tables as a quick and easy solution. Texas A&M geocoding services offer interesting options as well.