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Rendering Transformations

Rendering transformations allow processing to be carried out on datasets within the GeoServer rendering pipeline.  Transformations may transform data from one format into another (i.e vector to raster or vice-versa), to provide a more appropriate format for display. 

Invoked on layers within SLD

  • SLD takes parameters to drive the transform
  • SLD rules & symbolizers for cartography
  • Rendering Transforms implemented as WPS

Some of the types of rendering transforms available in GeoServer include ...


  • Contour extracts contours from a DEM raster.
  • RasterAsPointCollections extracts a vector field from a multi-band raster


  • BarnesSurfaceInterpolation computes a contiguous surface from scattered data points.
  • Heatmap computes a heatmap surface from weighted data points.


  • PointStacker aggregates dense point data into clusters.
Some examples:
Point Clustering