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ArcGIS Online Template Applications

ArcGIS Online currently provides 13 simple template applications that Maps can be loaded into.  A "Map" is one more more "Layers" where a Layer can be a listed mapservice.  MassGIS has listed several of our local ArcGIS Server tiled mapservices with ArcGIS Online.  In this wiki page will be set up a template application that mixes several of those MassGIS mapservices with a DEP mapservice to provide an interesting application. The goal: make an application that compares side by side 3 views of a downtown Boston parcel.

Step 1: Make 3 "Maps" from 3 "Layers" showing the parcel.

Step 2: Choose a template application that allows several Maps to be shows side by side

Step 3: Configure the template application to show these 3 particular Maps


Log into ArcGIS Online and click "My Content" on the top bar:

A list of content (Layers, Maps, Apps, etc) will be shown:

Click on the "Create Map" link at the top.  The Web Map will open.  First we'll add the Digital Globe 2011-2012 Ortho Image Basemap Layer and zoom in on our parcel.

Click on the "Add" button and choose "Search for Layers"

The search is a powerful way to find content at ArcGIS Online.  It is possible to search for content only in your own organization or through the entire ArcGIS Online catalog across organizations.  For now, since we are searching for our own content we'll keep "My Organization".

Click the green "GO" button.  One result was found:

Click the blue "Add" link to add it to the map. The Web Map will automatically zoom to the extent of the Layer.  Note: by clicking on the small down arrow to the right of the layer name a series of options appears, for example, to change the transparency of the layer. 

For now, we'll zoom into the Boston downtown to look for our parcel - the area on the Greenway of the new Boston Harbor Islands Welcome Center.  Holding down the shift key and drawing a box will enable faster zoomin than using the zoom control on the left side of the map.

Click the "Save" button above the map, choose "Save As" and name this map clearly.  Use as many tags (keywords) as you can to make this Map easily accessible.

Click the blue 'Save Map" button. Click the "Home" button in the upper left of your screen and choose "My Content".  Now you'll see a new type of Content created "Web Map".

You can click on the left "Maps" or "Layers" to also see the different categorizations. 





Now we'll go through the same process twice more to create two new Maps based on two other Layers.  The next one will be "Structures".  Choose "Create Map".  Search for and add "Structures".  Zoom to the Boston Harbor Islands Welcome Center area.  It's difficult to get rid of the Topographic basemap, but it is possible to click the down arrow to the right and make it 100% transparent.  Save the map and name it:

For the third Map, choose "Create Map".  This time search for "MassGIS ortho" in "ArcGIS Online" instead of "My Organization".

  Choose "MassGis Ortho 0809" and click the "Add" link.

This is a Layer listed by Brian Brodeur of the DEP GIS program served by DEP's ArcGIS Server of the USGS 2008-2009 orthos.  Zoom to the Boston Harbor Islands Welcome Center area and save the map.

Now "My Content" shows 3 Maps.  Click the check box for each map and click the "Share" link to make the Maps public.  Now these 3 Maps are ready to be used in an App template.

Click on one of the three Maps to open the Web Map.  Click on the Share button, then choose "Make a Web Application".

Browse the available templates. 

On the second page click the blue "Publish" link under "Storytelling Compare".  Fill out a title. Click "Save & Publish".  We'll add the other 2 Maps in a moment.

Click "Close"

Go to "My Content", Choose "Apps", click on "Comparison of Boston Harbor Islands..." then choose "Configure App"

At first the App will have the same Map 3 times.  We need to specify the other 2 Maps that we want to include.  In ArcGIS Online, every Map has a unique ID (as does every App as well).

This template asks for the 3 Map ID separated by commas in the box on the right hand side. 

To find the Map IDs, log in to ArcGIS Online in another web browser tab, go to "My Content", "Maps".  Click on each Map and look at the URL bar of your browser. 

Our Digital Globe Map is  so the Map Id is b0b4c4ff881d4bb7ab87f8142f8d3680

Our Structures Map is so the Map Id is 7f8480820084431f8c4b8dba2e36db8e

Our 2008-09 Orthos Map is so the Map Id is 54f43cdc4c5e45ab86944a14fcc09592

Go back to your application configure page and enter this into the "Add Webmaps" box:


Edit the Title in the upper right. "Boston Harbor Welcome Center Comparison on Three Maps" and click the blue "Save" button. 

The three maps will zoom and pan together.  Go back to "My Content", select the App and and click "Share" to make it public.

The URL of this App can be found on its details page:  The appid is part of the URL.


Applications can also be downloaded and hosted on a local web server.


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