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ESRI Maps for Office - Using mapservices via ArcGIS Online it is possible to map data from Excel or Powerpoint and embed the map right into the Excel or Powerpoint document.  You'll need an ArcGIS Online paid or trial subscription.

Download ESRI Maps for Office in the language and type needed.  Save the file EsriMapsForOffice_x86_2.1.1_en.exe and double-click on it to run it.  I have tested it with Windows 7 and Excel 2010.

Example:  Mapping dogs per Massachusetts town:

In this fictitious example we'll map data on number of dogs/town for a few MA towns and use the MA Towns mapservices from MassGIS.

Suppose I have a spreadsheet like this:

Click on "Esri Maps" in the top bar of Excel to get started mapping.

First we need to sign in to our ArcGIS Online account:   

Next, click "Insert Map" button in the upper left:  

Use the Search tab on the right to look for the MassGIS Massachusetts Towns Layer mapservice

Click the "Add" button and the map will zoom in.

Choose "Add Excel Data"

Choose Cell Range and highlight the section of the table we want to map.

 Click "OK" then choose link 'Add Custom Location Type":

Then search for Towns in "My Organization":

Choose "Select" for Massachusetts Town Boundaries"

In order to choose colors for data ranges, right click on "Excel Layer" and choose "Style".