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Advanced Topics

GeoServer WMS-Focused Topics

GetFeatureInfo - one method to get information about a layer

SLD (Styled Layer Descriptor) - create your own symbolization of MassGIS data or your data

GeoServer - WMS - Maps with Charts - create maps with pie or bar charts included

GeoServer - SLD - Maps with Curved Labels - create maps with curved labels

GeoServer - WFS - Extract - GeoTiff - clip out a GeoTiff (will be shifted very slightly)

GeoServer demo - install, add data, use OpenLayers client to mix your data w/ MassGIS data.

MassGIS use of caching - How MassGIS is currently using caching to speed WMS queries.

GeoServer WFS-Focused Topics

Geocoding - (recommendation - use ArcGIS Server)

Filter Functions - use functions in your WMS or WFS queries

Common Query Language - use CQL instead of Filter in WMS or WFS queries

GeoServer WCS-Focused Topics

What is WCS?

Miscellaneous Technical Topics

Generate custom PDF - generate a custom PDF using GeoServer and the MapFish printing module

Point Reprojection - convert latitude and longitude to Massachusetts State Plane 1983 meters coordinates, and other conversions

Screen Coordinates and Projected Coordinates - how to go back and forth

GeoServer Layergroups

XML Validation - making sure the XML request you send is correctly formed

.NET client applications A report detailing the development of a .NET based WMS/WFS client application

Services Infrastructure - ITD Gateway - Technical Restrictions The GeoServer web mapping services are behind the ITD Gateway.

Making GIF transparent - how to save a GIF with a transparent background so that it will be a nice-looking icon.

Making a map of data by town in QGIS by joining a CSV file

Non-Technical Topics

Usage Statistics of the MassGIS Web Mapping Services

Applications Using MassGIS Web Mapping Services - got an app that uses MassGIS GeoServer or ArcGIS Server? Showcase it here

History of MassGIS Web Mapping Services

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