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Page Under Construction 

The instructions in this Tutorial are currently being updated to reflect the latest version of Confluence 5.0. If you need help getting started with Confluence, you can go directly to the Confluence 5.0 User Guide for assistance.

Using the menus

The image below gives an overview of the menus in Confluence. The menus give you access to all the available actions on your Confluence site.

Menu or option


Browse menu

The 'Browse' menu gives access to wiki content such as pages, news items, etc, and allows you to browse the People Directory. If you are an administrator, the space and site administration options appear here too.

User menu

After you have logged in, your name will appear at top right of the screen. The 'User' menu appears when your cursor hovers over your name. The menu allows you to log out, access your user profile or view your editing history, personal labels and page watches. You can also retrieve drafts of pages you are editing.

Search box

Type into this box and press 'Enter' to search.

Edit button

The 'Edit' button allows you to edit the page.

Add menu

The 'Add' menu allows you to add things to a page or space.

Tools menu

The 'Tools' menu contains miscellaneous actions relating to the page.


This line shows labels (or tags) attached to the current page.

If your Confluence administrator has customised your Confluence site, then the menus may appear in different positions from those shown here.

If you are not logged in to Confluence, the 'Browse' menu and the 'User' menu will not appear. Instead, a 'Log In' link will appear.

In the tutorial:

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