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CommonWiki and Confluence has a series of distinct user roles and responsibilities for each. This document is intended to give a general overview of the various functions of each. It is not intended to list all the business rules for each but to allow a new user to compare and contrast various responsibilities. If you know of additional functions of any particular role please feel free to make updates. This document is intended to grow and change over time.

Public Users (No CommonWiki Account)

If a space has been made Viewable to Anonymous users content will be able to be viewed without logging into the CommonWiki system. At this time no permission beyond View privileges will be granted to Anonymous users and as such these types of users will only be able to display content without having the ability to Add or Edit

Confluence Users (Basic CommonWiki Accounts)

Confluence users is the most common user type in CommonWiki. Confluence user accounts are limited to one of three classes:

  • State Employees with a valid state email Account
  • Contractors working for the State and acting as a state employee
  • Invited Guests who have agreed to a Terms of Use agreement

Confluence user permissions dictate the degree to which users may add, edit and delete content in a space.

The basic functionally that a user can perform can be seen in the Tutorial and will not be repeated here, but from a high level, tasks include:

  • Requesting a new user account for oneself
  • Using the Dashboard to navigate to spaces of interest
  • Using the menus and the search utility to navigate spaces and space content
  • Creating/Editing Pages
  • Creating/Editing Comments
  • Updating one's own user profile and user profile page

Process for Sponsored Users

If you know of a party external to the Commonwealth that is participating in work with Commonwealth employees and needs access to the wiki you may use the following procedure.

  1. Determine which Commonwealth employee will sponsor the external participant. Sponsors are responsible for notifying CommonWiki admins with new user requests, informing the admins once the user account is no longer needed and ensuring the sponsered user has read and understands the wiki Terms of Use.
  2. User's sponsor (an existing state employee with access to CommonWiki) submits a Service Request in COMiT including the following information (via COMiT classification 306030: Create New Wiki User Accounts)
    1. user's name
    2. email address
    3. office(s) in which or in association with the user operates
    4. position (if applicable)
    5. duration of engagement with date account should be terminated (if known)
  3. The admin will add the user with generic username and emails new user credentials asking him/her to change password.

Space Admins

Each space in the CommonWiki can be considered its own Wiki system. One Space Gardener is assigned to each Space on creation. In addition to the traditional roles of a Confluence User Space Admins perform the following functions, many of which can be found in the Tutorial on Advanced Topics.

  • Review all content added/modified in a space to ensure consistency and to verify that nothing unexpected has been entered
  • Enforce content-neutral restrictions to content by restricting and removing any content that is obscene, threatening, discriminatory, harassing, or off topic.
  • Review and remove content that infringes a third party's copyright and if necessary, contact their legal counsel if they have specific content questions.
  • Establish and maintain permission scheme for the space
  • Perform overall Space maintenance
  • Format content as appropriate
  • Re-order pages if needed
  • Answer Space and Content questions
  • Encouraged to join the Collaboration Advisory Board

Being a Space Administrator carries a responsibility to ensure that only appropriate content is posted to the wiki. While the CommonWiki is designed to be a collaboration environment for groups of people to work together on common tasks, the Space Administrator must frequently review the content that is added and/or modified and properly classify it. Confluence does provide different functionalities which allow CommonWiki users to keep track of any changes that are made to a page and to the entire space. These functionalities include watching a space, watching a page and subscribing to daily email reports. For more information about these functionalities please visit Confluence's Tracking Updates Overview.

It is important to note that some areas (spaces/pages) of the CommonWiki are open to the public and some are restricted to wiki users only. The non-public areas of the CommonWiki have been approved by Enterprise Security Office to contain Medium and Low sensitivity documents and the public areas are approved by Enterprise Security Office to contain Low sensitivity documents. With these classifications, the Space Administrator must continually monitor and evaluate all data to ensure that data such as Medium sensitivity ends up only on restricted pages/spaces. The Enterprise Security Office recognizes that there are still risks to using non-public pages of the site.

We are in the process of reviewing several tools and technologies that may allow us to officially store Highly sensitive data but we do not have a timetable or estimate for when that functionality will be made available. In the interim, ITD and the administrators of CommonWiki ask that Space Administrators continue to review the content within their spaces with the assumption that any Medium and High sensitive documents that are or will be posted in the wiki are subject to the owner's own risk.

CommonWiki Admins

There is a limited group of CommonWiki Administrators within the Integration Services Group of ITD's Technology Office that maintains the system as a whole. The functions of this group extend beyond the content into system administration of the site and include:

  • Reviewing Feature Requests
  • Setting Direction for the wiki
  • Introducing new functionality
  • Welcoming new users
  • Answering technical and global questions
  • Creating new spaces
  • Delegating Space Admin privileges
  • System Administration & Maintenance
  • Facilitating Sponsored User Accounts
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