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Please feel free to list features that you'd like to see incorporated in CommonWiki. You must be logged in to edit this page.

Open Issues

  1. Single Sign-On:Allow users to log in with their existing Windows login/password to access CommonWiki -Glenn Tremblay
  2. Auto-create personal space for new users: When new users create an account, they must manually create a personal space. We can auto-create personal spaces for new users like we did in MediaWiki. Here's an example python script that we might be able to repurpose for that. -Glenn T.
  3. Increased font size for printing. Printing from the browser works really well, but the font seems pretty small (8-9 pt?); can it be increased to 10-12 pt for us old folks? (Is this controlled via style sheet?) - S. Parker
  4. Help guide for Macros - Macros are powerful additions to the Confluence tool, we could benefit from guides explaining how to use the functionality - Tim
  5. Commenting on pages. Better handling of "talk" or comments on pages. See comments here. -S.Parker
  6. Timeline widget. Is there a way to implement Simile? Another alternative: Dipity. See explanatory comment below.  -S. Parker
  7. Meta-data Reports - B Trevor To get over my lack of an IA issue, can we run reports based on the metadata and publish that as some sort of evolving directory????
  8. New user profiles. Force new users to create profiles (encourage but not require them to leave permissions open to the community?). If that is not possible for whatever reason, automatically populate profile pages with message similar to that used in Mediawiki, so it is evident to the new registrant and other users, that the page can't be commented on, used to full advantage, other users will not know much about you/what's the downside of that, etc. Discussed here. -S. Parker
  9. Search. Search seems to function erratically. Here is what I've noticed: Searches using main search box, top right corner, seem to work (might need to validate further). Searches using search box that is part of many spaces' standard navigation seems to consistently generate result like this: "ancestorIds:5537806 AND components" (test done in Collaboration space using term "Components").  -S. Parker (5/12/09)
  10. Expiration of Guest IDs. Have the non-state employees accounts expire after a set time frame and need to be "reapproved" by sponsoring employee to continue to have login capabilities. - A. Larrimore (5/18/09)
  11. Better options for management of watch notifications. Users want to watch pages and spaces, but options are limited for management of volume of emails (a major disincentive). Here is an example of a plug that adds some flexibility but doesn't address the full range of issues: Descendant Notification plugin (S. Parker, 5/21/09)
  12. Permission lookups.  I've noticed that user lookups for space level permissions are much more persnickety than lookups for page level restrictions. The former requires an exact match(question), whereas the latter seems to work w/all sorts of variations (last name only, first names, maybe even wildcards). Why is that? Even at the page level, I find the lookups for restrictions to be somewhat difficult. I suspect integration w/Active Directory will help (???), but that's a long way off and even w/out that it seems like the Confluence interface could be better, i.e. have a pick list as an option for individuals and groups, rather than doing "one-by-the-each" and guessing user names.
    1. You can actually use the search function in both cases. I've written up some documentation here that explains the user lookup interfaces a little bit more.  I think the placement of the magnifying glass makes things confusing since it suggests that you should enter some text in the box before you click search. -GMT, 5/26/09
  13. Section-by-section page editing. (Similar to the way mediawiki worked.) This has come up numerous times but don't think it's been captured yet. We have a number of collaborative efforts where folks need to edit a page simultaneously. Would be nice to have the section breakout. - S.P. 6/19/09
  14. Collaborative Spreadsheets - Support spreadsheets that can dynamically load content from other spreadsheets within the wiki. This was requested on 8/10/09 for the Business Continuity Group's Pandemic Planning project.

Issues that require followup

  1. Sharepoint Connector for Confluence. -Shruthi R
    • This is part of the procurment that is moving forward for Confluence, but we have not executed the purchase yet and we don't have a Sharepoint server to even connect to yet. Is there a specific need you are looking for from Sharepoint?
  2. Is there a way to subscribe to an RSS feed in a CommonWiki Space -- e.g. in the CommonWiki space for Federal Recovery, to add the RSS feed that GovTech has for economic stimulus:\* (*) - V. McKay (apologies if this isn't the right space to raise this question
    • This is possible with an RSS macro, the problem is that to use this macro the Confluence server must contact the RSS feed host itself. We can secure this connection by requiring the feed to be in a secure white list, but most importantly a Firewall rule would need to be opened from Confluence to the RSS host. We need to review this request to determine if this is something that we want to support going forward. Great idea though.
  3. Request an expansion to the current file size limit.-Ajay Arora
    • We'll be producing training videos for the PMO (typically under 15mb) and want to post them for easy access. Thoughts?
  4. Discussion Forums. Shruthi R
    • Unfortunately, this plugin has not been installed on CommonWiki but is being considered with a future Confluence update. In fact, we have been testing the plugin Adaptavist Community Bubbles that will allow for this functionality. If you would like to explore its functionality, contact one of our administrators by sending an email to:

Closed Issues

  1. Google Maps Integration- Allow users to embed Google Maps on a wiki page. S. Parker (1/13/2010)
    1. Google Maps Plugin is installed. The documentation is here:
  2. Who's watching a given page (like we did in Mediawiki...)-S. Parker
    • Confluence has been upgraded and now supports "Manage Watchers" from the Tools menu.
  3. My history. It would be nice to see under my user "History" all of my changes (or the last 10-20 changes). Didn't Mediawiki have something like this? Or is history not functioning properly in Confluence? My history this morning reflects one item from 5/8, even though I visited and edited many more items since then (via different PC). Is it session dependent? I just checked again after saving first version of this comment, and now it reflects that change as an item in my history. -S. Parker (5/12/09)
    • Confluence has been upgraded and now displays your editing history on your Personal Space homepage. Further, you can follow specific users to be notified when he/she has edited or created content.
  4. More robust issue tracking. Would like to experiment with JIRA.
    • JIRA is being used in Beta for several projects including the COMiT Service Desk, Integration Services Group Goals & Objectives, Interchange Roll-out Project, and Interchange development.
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  1. I was talking with Shruthi about their desire to use CommonWiki for project management and she had an interesting suggestion.

    Evidently, Accenture has used Confluence for project management.

    Perhaps we could reach out to them and ask what they've done to provide functionality like what is listed above (Discussions, Document Repositories, etc.)

    Can anyone think of anything else we might want to ask them?

    1. Yes, Accenture is a good organization to talk to. Tim arranged for us to sit in on a webinar with Accenture and Atlassian about Confluence. Paul Dietl may also have a contact. We might want to ask them about policies/process for creating new spaces and about security.

      1. The gentleman from Accenture who presented the webinar was Nicolas Peeters.  I've given Bill Trevor his email address so he can reach out to him for us.

        1. I think they suggest using Jira for Project Managment. Check out:

  2. Hi Susan,

    Can you be more specific about what you mean by "Paste unformatted"? If you mean paste content from office documents without Confluence interpreting the formatting, you can achieve that by pasting into the Wiki Markup tab.

    1. Yes, that's what I meant. I guess that's a reasonable workaround. But it would one be less click if it was part of the WYSIWYG editor!

  3. Regarding the macro user guide...

    There's actually documentation built-in for most of the macros that come pre-packaged with Confluence, but it's pretty well hidden.  When you're in Wiki Markup view, click on the link to the Full Notation Guideand view the Confluence Content section.

    1. This info on the Atlassian Confluence site seems more comprehensive:

      I would add a link to this within the Welcome space (perhaps w/in "Advanced topics"?) but all of that appears to be content that lives on our site and is copied over from Atlassian (or comes with the sw when you install it?). Thoughts?

      If such reference material comes straight from Atlassian, how do we keep it up to date when/if they make changes?


    Mass.Gov is purchasing a subscription to the Dipity timeline widget for use on the Mass.Gov recovery website (and other sites). I posted a question on the Dipity support site about whether they provide anything that can be installed behind the firewall, and got this response:

    Hi Susan,
    Send me an e-mail at: derek [at] dipity [dot] com and we can discuss different solutions for behind the firewall use of Dipity.
    - Thanks, Derek

    I will hold off on emailing him till we discuss as group.

  5. A real interesting feature that we should consider is the Confluence Chart plugin and specifically the Gantt Chart version under development. See

    1. The basic {chart} plugin is available now (pre-packaged with Confluence):

      The Gantt Chart variant might be worth trying out when we stand up our development/test environment.

  6. Hi there! I know we emailed about this Tim, but I would love to see all changes in a given timeframe. I am getting swamped by email notifications and would love to just be able to scan all updates in a chosen period of time. Thanks!

    1. Can you add this request as an Open issue so we can track it?


      1. See item 15. Also: What about the daily digest? Jess, see preferences.

    2. You may also want to look into the {recently-updated} macro. It allows you to view recent changes to a space. This macro is included by default in new spaces, but it is often removed to make way for content. You can always add it to a page within your personal space.

      There are several parameters you can use with the macro, see the Confluence Documentation for more info.

      *For example, here are the 3 most recent updates in the Collaboration / Ent 2.0 space using {recently-updated:space=COLLAB|max=3}

      Recently Updated

      As you and your team create content this area will fill up and display the latest updates.

  7. Many people who I have spoken too like to be able to use Wiki Language and see the Wiki Language in order to make updates. 


    I would like to be able to choose text size rather than just paragraph or heading style

    1. Hi John R. Dunn,

      Atlassian has changed the way in which Confluence stores wiki pages. They are no longer stored in wiki markup. As a result, they've also removed the wiki markup view.  You can add wiki markup in the editor, but it is converted on-the-fly to rich text.

      The premise behind the editor is that it allows you to edit and add content and mark it semanticly, e.g. heading levels and paragraphs much like you would in semantic HTML.

      If you'd like to change the presentation of headings or text within your space, please speak to your space's administrator - this is something they would need to do at the wiki space level.

      Please let me know if we can be of further assistance.

      Glenn (& the CommonWiki admin team)