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This page is considered a guideline on CommonWiki. It illustrates standards of conduct that many editors agree with in principle. Although it may be advisable to follow it, it is not policy. When editing this page, please ensure that your revision reflects consensus. When in doubt, discuss first in the comment area.

The U.S. government has directed the Intelligence Community (IC) to move from a Need to Know paradigm to a Need to Share philosophy. Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell created a Information Sharing Steering Committee to move the IC beyond "need to share" philosophy and more to a "responsibility to provide", which embodies the idea of "stewardship" of information (versus ownership).

If it works for the federal intelligence community it can be assumed that it should work for the Commonwealth and it is up to this wiki community to test this Need to Share paradigm within State Government.

Need to Share Disputes

For an item to qualify as as a "Need to Share" dispute, it must be a question of whether it is "appropriate" to have the material on CommonWiki. Need to share deliberations will be arbitrated and documented as transparently as possible so as to remain consistent with the overall CommonWiki philosophy of transparency and accountability.

"Need to Share" deliberations have three levels of adjudication. Every attempt should be made to find an amenable solution at the lowest level of adjudication before appealing to a higher level.

Level 1

The issue should strive to be resolved by the parties or contributors involved. All discussion shall be as transparent as possible. If an agreement cannot be reached, then the issue will proceed to level two procedures.

Level 2

In cases where the parties or contributors involved could not reach an agreement, the CommonWiki Administrators, as stewards of the space, shall act as adjudicators for the dispute. In cases where high-level attention occurs, the issue must still go through the different levels for resolution. The decision by the CommonWiki Administrators should be considered as final. However, if the arbitration does not settle the debate, then and only then will the issue go to a third and final level for review.

Level 3

In cases where both the contributors to the data and arbitration by the CommonWiki Administrators are unable to settle a dispute, the issue shall go to a yet-to-be determined person/board for review. This panel will decide who has the most to lose in determining the resolution. Removal is by exception, not by policy. This decision is final.

Current Need to Share Disputes

none at this time


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(big grin) All information is used with permission from Intellipedia

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