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 Final Regression Test Results -Firefox  Final Regression Test Results -IE


Signup using invalid domain -

No error occurs - screen just sits there when you hit Sign Up

Should receive this error when you click on Sign UP:


Tested in IE...

Diane 3/18/15 David   Resolved  5/29/15  Error generated   Error generated

 Space logo is distorted on several sites that use custom logo. This is a design change to 5.0.

New format causes many of the existing ones to become distorted or missing. Not very popular with customers. 


 Diane  3/18/15 David See relevant child page below. Resolved      



User Feedback:  Why are we getting "@" after the page / comment is published? That looks so weird. It looks perfect in Edit Mode

where you are just getting the Firstname Lastname but once you save, it changes to "@Firstname Lastname"

Answer: we changed the design of this in 5.0 to both highlight this as a special item that you can interact with (i.e.: mousing over it)

and more specifically to your question, added the @ symbol to help make people aware of the shortcut for creating mentions

 Diane  3/18/15 David

"@" appears if link is made via Confluence Search function. "@"  can be avoided if link is made via Confluence Web function. See Link macro for details. See this page for an example:

Note: To remove "@" from existing pages, it may be necessary to rebuild many links.

Resolved    New Feature - leave as is   New Feature - leave as is

Space logos missing or too small on spaces using custom logos.


 Diane     Workaround is to change theme back to Documentation or click on Pages link on landing page to bring you to the sidebar. The original will still retain the table of contents from 4.3 but any newly created spaces in 5.0 will use the new sidebar.  Open    

Space logos missing or too small on spaces using custom logos.

Logo Missing

Note: These spaces are using the Global Theme

  • IT Strategic Planning
  • Mass.Gov
  • MassDOT
  • Matris

Logo very small

  • COMiT
  • COMiT 7.5 Upgrade
  • DCF Intranet
  • DCR
  • Enterprise Tools
  • MassGIS

Logo OK

  • ITD Human Resources
  • MassIT HRCMS


see attached:

 space logo.docx

              Same findings as in FireFox

 Create Blog Post in the 5.0 Doc space

Result: Blog posted correctly to space but the email that it generated included the Welcome Letter that David is working on.

Add this to issue log.  

 Diane    David Removed Welcome Letter reference from Velocity template file confluence/templates//html/includes/title.vm. Resolved    Blog post working as expected   Blog post working as expected



Create/Sign-up for a user account

Result:New user received email verification but no Welcome Letter (customized User Management Plugin not being used in 4.3

so letters are no longer being sent) 

 Diane    David Decision made to generate 'Welcome Letter' in QA/Prod Resolved    Welcome Letter now generating in QA & Prod  Welcome Letter now generating in QA & Prod
  • Cursor does not always appear in Edit                                                                                                           When I edit a word document using Firefox, there's no longer a cursor. If you start to type the text does appear.
 Diane      Found Workaround - Click on pageTitle first and then Click on Editor  Resolved   same as before- Click on pageTitle first and then Click on Editor  not a problem in IE

Editor not full height in FireFox  

 Diane        Open    When using default theme, editor not full height  Editor appears normal when using IE




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