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Having trouble logging into the Wiki? If you forgot your password or need to have it reset just click on Forgot your password? from the login screen and enter your username or email address. A link to create a new one will be sent directly to you via email.

Visit the Highlights of Confluence 5.8.18 in the Enterprise Tools User Information Space to read about some of the new features and visual changes of this upgrade!

Your feedback and suggestions on using and improving the wiki are important….. feel free to add your comments to the page. If you like what you see, you can show that, by liking it!



Welcome to CommonWiki!

CommonWiki is an enterprise wiki system powered by a tool called Confluence and presented by MassIT for use by employees of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Use of the wiki is intended to promote collaboration by enabling sharing of information and facilitating online interaction. 

Members of other entities with whom the Commonwealth IT community collaborates, including IT and other government leaders in municipalities across the Commonwealth, as well as IT communities in other states, and the public are also invited to use this wiki.

If this is your first visit to CommonWiki, please take a moment to read this area to get familiar with the system and its functionality and capabilities. If you're a Massachusetts state employee, feel free to create an account for yourself.  All others are welcome to view open projects listed below.

For a list of all of the wiki spaces you have access to, view your Dashboard!

Open Projects that Require a User Account to Participate

Note: To comment on any of these projects, you'll need a user account.



New to CommonWiki?

What is a space?
A space is simply a group of wiki pages. You can think of each space as a sub-site or mini-site, each with its own home page.

What is the Dashboard?
The Dashboard lists the wiki spaces you have access to in Confluence as well as a list of recently updated content in those spaces.

What is a wiki?
A wiki is a piece of software that allows you and your colleagues to create and edit web pages quickly and simply. Just click, edit and save. Content is published immediately.

What is Confluence?
Confluence is an enterprise wiki with some extra communication tools, including news items (blogs) and RSS feeds.

Frequently Asked Questions
Learn more about wikis, Confluence and transparency, all in one convenient document.

Roles and Responsibilities
A basic overview of CommonWiki roles, permissions and the responsibilities of each. Note: You'll need to be logged in to access this content.

Confluence Resources

Each user in Confluence has a user profile .

Create Personal Space
If you haven't yet set up your personal space, you can get to it by clicking your name at the top of the page and choosing 'Personal Space'.

Take Tutorial
This tutorial will help you get started with Confluence. It explains how to use the menus, create a space, create a page, add content to a page, use the dashboard, update your user profile, add a comment to a page and create a blog post.

Collaboration Rules of the Road
Rules of the Road are derived from the Open Source Center's "lessons learned" from their blogging experience on a government system.

"Be bold in updating pages..."
The CommonWiki community encourages users to be bold in updating pages. Wikis develop faster when people fix problems, correct grammar, add facts, make sure the language is precise and so on. We expect everyone to be bold: it's okay. How many times have you read something on a website and thought, "Well, that's wrong. Why doesn't somebody fix that?" CommonWiki not only allows you to add, revise, and edit the article — it wants you to do it. It does require some amount of politeness, but it works. You'll see.

Advanced Topics
If you have used Confluence before, you may be interested in the advanced topics like creating pages and linking, formatting content, searching Confluence content, creating a task list, creating a thumbnail gallery, re-ordering pages, working with RSS, Integrating with JIRA, Creating an index, displaying source code and archiving email.

Propose desired features
CommonWiki is still in beta.  We will configure and enhance it in a collaborative manner to meet the needs of our user community. Please visit this forum to record any missing features or functionality you desire, and to comment on or discuss proposals submitted by others.

Confluence 5.0 Issues Log 

As we uncover issues with the upgrade, we will list them here.

Known Issues
As we uncover issues with Confluence or the Add-Ons we've installed, we will list them here.

Terms of Use
Commonwiki Terms of Use

Looking for Help?
The CommonWiki Community Help Desk (Page Under Construction - Needs Updating) is a place where you can review questions others have asked or post your own questions. Be sure to read our Known Issues and Frequently Asked Questions pages before posting a new question.

Confluence Documentation

The Confluence Documentation provides an overview of the key features of Confluence and explains both its basic and more advanced usage as a knowledge management tool, and a collaborative environment.

If you need help getting started with Confluence, you can go directly to the Confluence 5.0 User Guide for assistance.




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