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The following Rules of the Road are derived from the Open Source Center's "lessons learned" from their blogging experience on a government system. The Rules of the Road below have been generalized for a broad wiki/blogging environment.

Wiki/blogging Rules of the Road

  • Government-owned collaboration spaces constitute official interactions and communications, but they do not necessarily represent views of the home organization or any U.S. Government agency.
  • As a condition of using the collaboration capability, all users agree to abide by the "Rules of the Road" set forth below. Users are responsible for adhering to these rules in their postings to government-owned wikis and blogs.
  • As a condition of using these government-owned capabilities, all users consent to the dissemination of their postings within the same environment.
  • Users may not post any material that is obscene, defamatory, profane, threatening, harassing, abusive, or hateful to another person, agency, organization, or other entity.
  • Administrators retain the right to delete inappropriate postings and revoke user privileges.
  • (U) These collaboration spaces are part of a grand movement away from "Need to Know" towards "Need to Share" and "responsibility to provide".

Ethical Obligations of Bloggers and Commenters

  1. Be bold
  2. Be truthful
  3. Do what is right
  4. Do what is best for the Commonwealth
  5. Write with accuracy, correcting mistakes when appropriate
  6. Strive for high quality with every post
  7. When there is disagreement, disagree respectfully
  8. Link and cite online references

ITD Team Values

These "Rules of the Road" are compatible with ITD's Team Values:

  • Responsive - Service-oriented attitude - "Your-problem-is-my-problem" approach, take ownership, be accountable - escalate when necessary, "can - do/will-do" mind-set, rapid follow up
  • Proactive - Forward thinking, take initiative to meet goals and exceed expectations
  • Collaborative - Team player - focus on shared goals, shared credit, shared information - positive, enjoyable work environment
  • Open - Continuous learner - adaptable to change - feeling safe being honest through constructive feedback, mutual respect for individuals
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