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Good Afternoon,

CommonWiki was unusually slow this morning, and after doing some digging, we determined that the slowness may have been caused by a runaway space export. We performed a restart around 12:00pm, and the wiki seems to be running normally once again.

As always, if you find any specific issues with CommonWiki, please feel free to post a comment here, on this news item, or on our Community Help Desk page.

-The CommonWiki Admins

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  1. Hey Glenn, I seem to be experiencing some slowness again, just fyi.


    1. Hi Valerie,

      We've scheduled an emergency upgrade of RAM for the wiki server for tomorrow morning to hopefully alleviate some of the slowness.

      We're still working with Atlassian to identify the source of the resource contention, but low memory appears to be one of our primary issues.

      Thanks for your patience.