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SDC Information

SDC Brochure


The SDC helps ensure that the state's computer systems and digital assets continue to be properly secured and maintained,
while providing greater operational efficiencies for the Commonwealth.

The SDC:

  • serves as backup to the Massachusetts Information Technology Center (MITC), the Commonwealth's primary data center in Chelsea;
  • be key to the Commonwealth strategy to manage our technology more effectively and efficiently by consolidating the Executive Departments' distributed data centers into two efficiently managed facilities;
  • be a national model for green and environmentally-friendly data centers;
  • help support economic recovery for the city of Springfield with new construction jobs and permanent jobs to operate the facility.
Technology Design Goals

The SDC Program established design goals that aligned with the Commonwealth's overall mission for the data center.

Focus area


Standard or Measure


Minimize operating costs for the facility and our customers

Compare costs at similar facilities


Provide continuous business operations for our customers

Design to Tier II reliability standards


Ensure the security of the Commonwealth's digital assets

Support the ISO 27001 standard


Design, construct, and operate a showcase green facility

Meet or exceed industry measures for efficiency and sustainability

The Commonwealth's Division of Capital Asset Management & Maintenance (DCAMM) - which is part of the Administration and Finance Secretariat - is managing the physical development of the facility as a capital project.


For questions or comments about the overall program, contact Stephen Dennehy at

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