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Generating maps with curved labels with GeoServer

GeoServer can produce maps with curved labels. More than just curved labels, labeling is improved in general:

  • automatic label wrapping, if the label exceeds a certain length (in pixels) it will be wrapped on multiple lines (doesn't seem to break on spaces though)
  • label displacement, in which the label gets moved along the line if the middle of the line is “busy” with another conflicting label
  • label repetition, that allows to repeat the same label each x pixels, and which helps in labeling long linear features

GeoServer documentation on curved labels.

For curved labels, simply put true into your TextSymbolizer.

Note: With followLine, curved labels are not offset if you use PerpendicularOffset - only the straight labels currently are offset.

Example with NavTeq Roads:


Same request without the line true produces: