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This space is the Wiki home for the Commonwealth's IT Strategic Plan.

Planning pages for FY 2014 - 2016 Commonwealth IT Strategic Plan

The Plan

IT Strategic Planning for the Commonwealth is a collaboration between the CIO Cabinet and the wider IT and policy communities. ITD participates in and provides support for strategic planning activities. The plan titled IT strategy for the Commonwealth, FY 2009-2011: Building a Technology Foundation for the Future was published in August 2008. It outlines the high level strategy for information technology across Massachusetts state government through FY2011. This plan was updated in FY 2009 and FY 2010 (see update information below). We have recently initiated a planning effort to develop a new Strategic Plan for the Commonwealth spanning FY 2014 to FY 2016.

FY 2009 Annual Report and Supplement

This report summarizes the FY 2009 (Year 1) accomplishments against the Commonwealth's IT strategic plan and updates the plan with revised objectives for Fiscal Years 2010 through 2012. Please visit the FY 2009 Annual Update Workshop page for more information.

FY 2010 Annual Update Workshop

This year's workshop to update the Strategic Plan was held on June 10, 2010 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM at the Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Government, Belfer Hall, Starr Auditorium. A link to the FY 2010 Annual Report appears below.


1.  Take stock of where we are on the Strategic Plan

2.  Assess environmental changes affecting state government and their implications for IT

3.  Advance the Strategic Plan forward one year to reflect progress,  changes in priorities

4.  Heighten awareness of leveraging IT to enable business strategy

Pre-Workshop Survey

A short survey was distributed to invitees to help frame the issues we discussed at the workshop. The Survey Results document captures feedback from the 35 surveys returned as of 6/7/10.


Final workshop agenda.


The final Participant list includes the 67 people who participated in the Update Workshop.

Breakout Sessions

The Breakout Sessions provided a structured forum for workshop participants to discuss and provide feedback about the Plan's key initiatives. Recommendations from the sessions provide input for the Strategic Plan Update.

Following are the five groups and their facilitators. Click on the group name for more information on the topic and the list of questions the group addressed.



#1  Network Architecture Breakout

Jason Snyder

#2  Second Data Center

Stuart Lecky/John Letchford

#3  Shared SOA Infrastructure (SAI)

Gillian Lockwood

#4  Civic Engagement/Open Data

Susan Parker/Tim Vaverchak

#5  Business Intelligence

Sharon Wright


Main Slide Deck

Workshop Evaluation

Summary of the 45 post-workshop evaluations completed.

Annual Report and Update

This report summarizes the FY 2010 (Year 2) accomplishments against the Commonwealth's IT strategic plan and updates the plan with revised objectives for Fiscal Years 2011 through 2013.

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