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A note about this content: 
Information regarding the Commonwealth's IT Consolidation initiative appears below and on related pages in this space. 
As the consolidation process has continually evolved since 2009, the information provided gives background, historical perspective and/or insight into particular points in time.  It is not intended to provide up-to-the-moment status updates.   

Executive Order 510 was superseded by Executive Order 532, which was then superseded by Executive Order 549 in January of 2014.  

In February of 2009, Governor Deval Patrick signed Executive Order 510 (EO510) requiring IT Consolidation within the Executive Department. 
An IT Consolidation Working Group was established to act as the steering and advisory team overseeing the planning and implementation of this initiative. 

IT Consolidation is also a priority in the Commonwealth's IT Strategic Plan.

Building Upon EO510:  What EO532 Means for IT Consolidation

Since Governor Patrick signed EO510, Commonwealth IT leaders have made tremendous progress in improving the way the IT environment of the Executive Branch is managed.

In an affirmation of the work that has been done so far and to sharpen the focus on strategic management of our IT environment moving forward, Governor Patrick signed Executive Order 532 in May of 2011. 
As a more robust version that supersedes the original order, EO532 keeps and builds upon the provisions made in EO510, adding several important new details and requirements.  New language adds clarity and places additional requirements on both the Commonwealth CIO (CCIO) and Secretariat CIOs (SCIOs):

  • A new section charges the CCIO with conducting annual reviews to ensure compliance with information security and information technology obligations.  The CCIO will report the review results to the Governor and the Cabinet Secretaries.
  • Each SCIO now reports directly to his/her Cabinet Secretary, as well as to the CCIO via a dotted line relationship.
  • In line with our goal of continually enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of IT services, the SCIO, Cabinet Secretary, and CCIO will collaborate on development of an annual Business Innovation Plan for each secretariat.
  • EO532 confirms the role of the CCIO in overseeing planning and coordination for IT strategy, IT capital planning, budgets and major procurements, and staffing plans across the Executive Department.

Working with the secretariats, the CCIO is developing a roadmap to guide implementation of the new provisions.  By carrying out the requirements of the new order, IT leaders will continue to drive improvements in IT for the Executive Branch. 

The image below highlights several key IT Consolidation goals:

Consolidation Framework

Executive Order 510 defines the Commonwealth's unique model for consolidation.  The model balances economies of scale with responsiveness to the business needs of the secretariats and their agencies.

The program is being executed with a defined structure focused on the core components represented above:
Consolidation Activities: Secretariat IT Services, Commonwealth IT Infrastructure Services, and Commonwealth Service Excellence
Foundational Activities: including IT Governance, Administrative Processes, IT Organizational Development, and Communications

Current Status

The IT Consolidation Project is composed of three phases of activity. Currently the project is in the Implementation Phase.  Latest at-a-glance results are available here.

Using this Wiki

This wiki is an evolving medium for the communication of consolidation activities. It provides constituents and government employees a view into the consolidation initiative.

  • For the latest IT Consolidation news, visit the IT Consolidation Communications Hub to view program-wide results, newsletters & emails, videos, and progress reports.
  • For details on specific consolidation-related activities, navigate using the Table of Contents in the upper-left-hand side of this page:

The Table of Contents maps to the Consolidation Framework pictured above. 

  • The Consolidation Activities tab maps to wiki pages with information regarding consolidation of the Secretariat IT Services, Commonwealth IT Infrastructure Services, and Commonwealth Service Excellence initiative.
  • The Foundational Activities tab maps to wiki pages with information regarding the restructuring of the administrative processes that support the Commonwealth's IT environment, including IT Governance, Financial Management and Budgeting, Organizational Development, and Program Communications.

Change Imperative: Project Background

In February of 2009, Governor Patrick issued Executive Order 510 mandating IT consolidation in Executive departments, including consolidation of IT spending, operations, administrative functions, the physical IT infrastructure at the Commonwealth and Secretariat levels.

Strategic Goals

  • Align Secretaries' IT resources with their business strategies and priorities
  • Create efficiencies and maximize resources
  • Improve security of the state's digital assets


The strategic vision underpinning the consolidation initiative was established in the IT Strategic Plan; EO510 established a timeline and a scope for the initial phases of IT consolidation.
These targeted components are expected to achieve goals outlined in the IT strategy, and the successful achievement of the goals will be tracked using key metrics. 

Project Achievements and Artifacts

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you will find frequently asked questions about the IT Consolidation Project. They have been grouped by topic. In this section you will also find a place to add comments and ask additional questions.

  • General
  • Consolidation Time frame
  • Consolidation Planning 
  • Impacts on Staff
  • Administrative or Business Impacts
  • Wave 1

Supporting Documents

Below are some of the useful Consolidation reference materials.


Quick Links to Secretariat Activity

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  1. I am searching for the presentation that was given in the Mon 8/17 4pm Consolidation meeting to share with colleagues.  Can you please either direct me to it on the Wiki or email it to me?  Thank you!