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Initiation Stage


The goal of this stage is to verify project needs and feasibility.  The project manager, in conjunction with the sponsor and key stakeholders specify:  goals, objectives, and critical success factors.  Funding sources are confirmed. Formal approval to proceed with the project, as defined in the Charter, is secured.       

1. Inputs

  • Authorized projects with funding
  • Project Manager assigned
  • Project documents created during Origination Stage (e.g. Investment Brief, Cost-Benefit Analysis)
  • Consultations with subject matter experts and sponsor
  • Governance Guidelines
  • Independent Verification & Validation Guidelines
  • Complexity Matrix

2. Process Workflow

3. Outputs

  • Completed Complexity Matrix
    • Project Level Determined
    • CommonWay Template requirements identified
    • Governance Structure defined
    • Decision made on whether an Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) is required. If required, specify the type of IV&V to be funded
  • Approved Charter and authorization to apply Commonwealth's resources
  • Project Tracking Log (Action Items, Issues, Risks, Dependencies and Key Decisions)
  • Repository Setup
  • Initiation Stage Exit Checklist

4. Templates and Training

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